Make your own house plan


A dream nest. Everyone has a hobby to build their own house.

The house should be a creative work of art instead of just a place to hang out.

At present, many people are building houses by planning with engineers.

It is definitely better to plan the house as you can get a proper assessment of your land.

If you plan the house, everything will be given in the drawing

Still, if any of you have a hobby, do your own house plan. I am writing this for them.

Basically two drawings are more important to make a house

1) Structure drawing (ie main structure of building, base beam, column, roof, etc.)

2) Architecture drawing (this is different types of plaster designs, interior design etc.)

You can do architectural drawing. Then get the structure drawing done with an experienced engineer.

To do structure drawing, you must study civil engineering and gain experience and qualifications. .

You need to know how to draw architecture

* Standard and minimum sizes of different rooms

* Location of the room

* Beauty is past sight

* Adequate lighting and ventilation

* Security

* Future plans

* According to the rules of your area, how much land should be left to build a house, the amount.

+ Minimum room size and location.

Bed room: Nine feet by ten feet

Location: Where maximum natural gifts can be found. That is, enough light and air. South wind if you sit on the balcony. But usually the bed room is given on the corner side of a building. The distance or location from one bed room to another bed room shall be such that complete privacy is maintained. That is, the interior view from one room to another will not be easily seen.

Guest Room: Eight feet by nine feet

bari plans
pari plan

house plan

bari plan
bari plans

house plan
bari plans

Location: Near the stairs.

Dyeing: Eight feet by ten feet

Location: It is better to be next to the kitchen.

Bathroom + Toilet: Six feet by four feet.

Location: If there is a common bathroom, then everyone can easily use it.

Toilet: Three feet by four feet.

Kitchen: Eight feet by seven feet

Location: Cooking gas or washing during cooking in the kitchen should not enter the other room.


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