This post is about tiles, one of the finishing items of #civil engineering


This post is about tiles, one of the finishing items of #civil engineering.

What's going on?

1. What are tiles?

2. Types of tiles

3. Work of wall tiles

4. Work of floor tiles

5. Calculation of how many pieces of tiles will be needed

6. Freight calculation for tiles

👷👷👷👷 #What are tiles? 👷👷👷👷

Tiles are a finishing item in civil works.

Earlier net cement used to finish the floor and the expansive items were large mosaics and now tiles are one of the finishing items. Tiles are the latest floor finished. It is not complicated to install and looks beautiful. It is done in both the floor and wall. Tiles are usually installed in the floor, bathroom, and kitchen.

👷👷👷👷 #types of tiles 👷👷👷👷

We now use many types of tiles:

Be like:-

টাইলসের কাজ

1. Floor and Wall Tiles

2. Rustic tiles

3. Pavement tiles

5. Ceramic tiles

4. CT-5 tiles or Birk

Floor tiles of different sizes are available in the market

12"x12", 16"x16", 20"x20"

24"x24",32"x32",24"x48" etc

Wall 8"x12", 10"x13", 10"x16", 12"x18",

12"x20", 12"x24", 12"x48" Also many china

Types of wall tiles available.

An engineer has to prepare before working on tiles

Below are the steps.

👷👷👷👷 Wall Tiles 👷👷👷👷

🏠 In case of tiles wall, first soak the tiles in water for 12 hours because they also absorb water like bricks.

🏠 Wall wetting is necessary so that the wall tiles cannot absorb water

🏠 Break the extra bricks of the wall and make a rough calculation to see where the full tiles will fall and where the short pieces will fall.

🏠 Always place the short piece behind the door so that the cover falls when the door is opened

🏠 Check the sanitary line with water for leakage or if the pressure is not good, the tiles will have to be broken later.

🏠 Masala should be made 1:4 in special case 1:3 is also done after that base or level the wall and start installing tiles.

🏠 Make sure that all tiles are equal and 1 thread is empty between 2 tiles

🏠 Masala under the tiles is correct means the whole tiles should be applied with masala otherwise it will make a noise when it dries and the part will break with a small blow.

🏠 The tiles must be cleaned immediately with American cloth otherwise it will not come off after doing or the tiles will be discolored or damaged due to excessive rubbing.

🏠 Cut the tiles very carefully with the carter while doing the shortpiece otherwise the nickel of the tiles will come off.

🏠 The thickness of the masala can be from 1/2" to 1" in some areas but it all depends on the level of the wall.

🏠 Do curing after 12 hours of making tiles.

🏠 After 5/7 days, wash and dry the tiles and footing in the empty spaces.

🏠 Wall tiles are always technically advantageous from top to bottom.

🏠 When selecting tiles, be sure to select tiles of equal size and buy similar tiles at once.

👷👷👷👷 Floor Tiles 👷👷👷👷

🏠 Floor tiles are very easy and hard and first chipping the floor and washing and cleaning thin cement grouting should be done if the floor is old.

🏠 In case of homogeneous tiles, there is no need to wet the tiles

🏠 Dry spices should be made in 1:3 ratio because many things fall on the floor and are used more.

🏠 As usual, if the sanitary line goes below, check the leakage and pressure and then check the level.

🏠 There should be 1/2" clear under the door. After that, dry mortar is spread on the floor and tiles are leveled on it. Raise, lower, move as needed. After that, if the level is OK, remove the tiles. Cement water mixed with dry mortar for grouting. Pour it on top and make it wet and sometimes cut the masala with corny and make it rough. After that, the tiles should be installed, hit lightly with a rubber hammer as needed and make the level final.

🏠 All the tiles should be in one line. Short pieces should be used in such a way that the eyes are not cut off. And in the bathroom, the slope should be given very close, 5' to 1".

🏠 The thickness of floor tiles will depend on the floor level, so the top level of the roof should be kept the same during the roofing, otherwise the thickness of the floor will increase during tiling, which will increase the loading and construction costs.

🏠 1 to 1.5" thickness for flooring.

🏠 During the bathroom kitchen, you have to be very careful to install tiles in the place of the commode, waste water pipe, fittings, house, burner slab, and the two tiles in the corner tiles joint and the sides will be cut in V shape.

👷👷👷👷 Tiles Account 👷👷👷👷

🏠 🏠 How many pitch tiles are needed?



1620 with 8% wastage if tiles are to be installed in 1500 sq ft area

Area of one tile if square feet tiles are 12"x12".

(12"x12")÷144 = 1 square foot

Number of tiles = 1620 ÷ 1 = 1620 pitch tiles


We charge 10% Wagestage on Wall Tiles

Then the number of tiles

= 1500x1.10

= 1650 sq.ft

Number of tiles = 1650 ÷ 1 = 1650 pitch tiles

🏠 🏠 Spice calculations for tiles


On the wall we keep 1" thickness masala

Wale masala ratio (1:2)

On the floor we keep 1.5" thickness of masala

Flour to masala ratio (1:3)

1500 square feet of wall tiles stock

I will find out

Amount of plaster wet masala

= 1500x(1"÷12)

= 125 cubic feet

Amount of dry masala = 125x1.5

= 187.50

Sum of ratios = (1+2)=3


Cement = (187.50x1÷3)x0.8

= 50.00 bags

Sand = (187.50x2÷3)

= 125.00 cubic feet


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