Percentage of land

To find the length and width of a piece of land, we need to know whether the circumferences of the piece of land are equal. If equal, the length and breadth will be the same. If not equal, find the average of length and width.

Let's first find the length and breadth of the land if the circumferences are equal. No values ​​are given here, so we don't know what the length and width values ​​will be.
If we divide the product of length and width by 435.6 to find the area, then we know that the product of length and width is equal to the area.

So, Area = (Length × Width) ÷ 435.6 (in percentage)

After knowing the values ​​of length and breadth, you can use this equation to calculate the amount of land.

Percentage of land
Percentage of land


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