How do you calculate cement, sand, bricks and rods?

Can you please specify how you want to calculate the cement, sand, brick and rod so I can provide the information accordingly. Below I describe the calculation of commonly used components:

Cement Calculation: Provide cost per cement briquette.
State the number of cement briquettes. Quantity of cement required = Number of cement briquettes × Price per cement briquette

Sand Calculation: State the quantity or type of sand.

Calculation of bricks: State the price per unit.
Tell the quantity of bricks.

Calculation of Rods: Give the length, width and height of the rod.

We will use the quantities and prices mentioned above to calculate the above ingredients. Based on this information I can calculate the quantity of cement, sand, bricks and rods and display their prices. To calculate the detailed freight cost of the components you want আরও তথ্য সরবরাহ করতে পারেন। 

To display the full calculation, you will need some more values. Can provide the following information: Price or quantity of each briquette of cement (ie: price per briquette and quantity of cement)
Value or quantity per stack of sand
Price or quantity of each unit of brick (eg: price per brick or block and quantity of bricks)
Each value (length, width and height) or quantity of the rod
Square feet or unit cost of each material (ie: cost per briquette of cement or cost per unit of brick)

By providing the above information, I can show you the full freight cost of cement, sand, bricks and rods. In particular I can show the full hard goods cost, material quantity and value, and overall accounting. I will show you the detailed account if you provide the required information.

slab design
slab design

You can detail the amount or area of land, cost of materials, and other general questions.

LAND QUANTITY OR AREA: Provide the size (length and breadth) of the land or the provision.

Price of material: Supply number or price per cement briquette.
Provide quantity or type of sand used in sand formation.
Provide the brick quantity (number of bricks or blocks).
Provide the dimensions (length, width and height) of the rod.
Provide per square foot price or per unit price of material.

I can use this information to calculate the amount of cement, sand, bricks and rods. If you need to know the value of the entire consignment of land, you will also need to provide the value of each component. Also, you can consider changes in material prices. Based on this information I can show you the complete calculation.

You will need detailed information to calculate cement, sand, bricks, and rods for roofing. You will need to provide the following: Volume of roofing or supply size (length and width)
Number of cement briquettes for each cement
Amount or type of sand used in sand formation (a whole sand or sand stack)
Brick quantity (number of bricks or blocks)
Quantity of Rod (Length, Width and Height)

Note that if you want to know what the total cost of this item will be, you must provide a price for each of these components. Also, you need to provide that value in case of changes in square foot price or per unit price of the material.

After providing the above information, I can calculate the amount of cement, sand, bricks, and rods. This can be used as a background calculation for the job, to determine the area of the roof molding based on width and length. On that basis I can show you detailed calculations.

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