The job of a skilled project engineer



1. Collection of drawing designs.

2. Coordinate architectural and structural design, inform the office if there is a problem.

3. View work by design

4. Requisition in advance if any goods are required on site.

4. After entering the site in the morning, check whether the quality of the goods is correct or not, if there is a problem, inform the office.

5. Keep the site clean.

6. All electric lines of the site are kept properly.

7. Sanitary line Water line is ok or not.

8. Materials should be kept in good condition like stone, Sylhet sand, local sand, khoya, etc.

14. Empty sacks of cement are well kept in the godown.

15. Check the thread well in all work.

16. Checking the height before setting all fittings like switch board, light point, power point, bib cork, conceal stop cork etc.

18. Before installing the tiles, check whether the pipe line, pacer check, light point, waste water line, commode line, basin line are done properly or not.

19. Before painting the color selection, what color will be in the room, then check whether it is well mixed, putty properly mixed, and applied, again, first coat, second coat, final coat, check at the end.

20. Checking the square grill railing wear level and sole.

21. Check if wiring is provided as per RM ie AC 3/4 RM power point 3/2.5 RM light and fan point 1.5 RM etc.

Apart from this, many other things have to be checked or checked.


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